Data Driven Protection

Stay at the forefront of safety. When you partner with AWP Safety, you benefit from next-generation technology that improves work site safety up to 70%, and gives real-time insights that help improve safety KPIs and standards.

Our Smart Work Zones leverage traffic technology including:

  • Vehicle Telematic Systems & Cloud Based Systems
  • Automated Work Zone Protection
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Traffic Monitoring


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Work Zone Safety

“As America’s leader in traffic management control services, AWP Safety is committed to embracing new technologies that simultaneously support safety and operational excellence.”

Mark Ludewig, AWP Safety Vice President of Safety



AWP Safety Technology

Vehicle Telematics &
Cloud-Based Systems

AWP Safety is relentless in standardizing safety practices and measuring performance. Using advanced software and technologies, we hold ourselves accountable to consistently delivering safety for our customers. 

AWP Safety uses advanced software and technology to track, analyze and advance safety in your work sites.

  • People – We are the only traffic control provider to monitor and manage driver qualifications through the Fleet Response real time reporting system. We leverage MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) data to ensure all our drivers are safe drivers. 
  • Processes Intelex software solutions are a crucial part of our Environmental, Health and Safety Platform. We use them to identify performance trends, determine root causes of incidents and make proactive adjustments to our processes and training. 
  • Vehicle Telematics – With Samsara Vehicle Telematics, we track driving behaviors, worksite video surveillance, fuel efficiency and proactive vehicle maintenance to serve customers efficiently and reduce your risk and liability.




Picture of an AFADs machine on the worksite helping with traffic control.

AFADs: Automated Work Zone Protection

MoDOT data shows motorists are more responsive to Automated Flagging Assistance Devices (AFADs), and 78% prefer them over human flaggers. Our own data shows using AFADs improves work site safety 70% over relying solely on all-human flagging crews.

  • Safety – Onboard Google/WAZE technology diverts 25% of traffic around the work site entirely, reducing the odds of an accident. 
  • Coverage – One Protector safely controls multiple AFADs from a roadside tablet. Fewer Protectors can cover more work zones, providing you excellent availability despite today’s labor challenges
  • Reduced Liability – Built-in surveillance cameras show what really happened in the event of an accident.


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traffic flow

Intelligent Transportation Systems

AWP Safety uses intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to share real time data with motorists and help them make smarter choices when approaching work sites. Real time data is shared through message boards, live videos, real-time travel info, mobile apps and safety alerts.

  • Prevent Accidents – Informed drivers are more prepared to drive safely – creating a safer work environment for your crews. 
  • Reduces Traffic Congestion ITS offers alternative routes to divert traffic, reducing traffic volume and the possibility of an accident that could cause more delays. 
  • Offers Excellent ROI – Systems often save more money than they cost through lower accident rates and more efficient use of your workforce and assets.



icone electronic traffic cone

Traffic Monitoring

Strategically placed traffic monitoring systems reduce rear-end collisions by 45% in active work zones. The data collected informs future traffic control plans and pinpoints areas to modify for in-progress plans, providing safer results.

  • Real-Time Monitoring – Camera-equipped cones and barrels monitor traffic speed and patterns to measure the effectiveness of your work zone’s traffic control plan. 
  • Easy to Use – With the flip of a switch, equipment locates itself using GPS, gathers data and links to the web to share it with your team.




AWP Safety Integrated Technology Saves Lives And Improves Efficiency



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