Warning Light
Warning Light

Warning lights maintain a steady burn or flashing to illuminate work zones areas to alert traffic.

Warning lights type A/C and B are steady burn or flashing lights that illuminate workspaces day and night. These lights include polycarbonate lenses and high impact polypropylene housing that captures unrelated traffic centered around dashboard lights.


  • Standard tamper proof mounting bolt
  • Meets MUTCD Standards, NCHRP-350 accepted
  • Durable copolymer case
  • 3 Volt high efficiency LED light with moisture proof circuit that will work under any weather condition

types of Warning Lights

  • Type B
  • Type A/C
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Barrel Drum
Traffic Barrels and Drums

Specifically designed to endure the harshest traffic, construction and weather conditions. Using Impact-Resistant Polyethylene to stabilize the traffic drums when in work zones.

We offer many sizes of traffic drums, durable traffic barrels, wider than a traffic cone, come with reflective stripes and are stackable. Ideal for warning vehicles of upcoming hazards. Traffic barrels channel motor vehicle traffic through construction sites to warn drivers of work zones.

Types of Traffic Barrels and Drums

  • Drum HIP Econ.II 4-4”
  • B500, Drum HIP Econ.II 4-6”


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Barricade - Type 3

Barricades are self-standing, temporary, durable, plastic channelizers. Construction barricades are ideal for traffic control in order to block the flow or for security related reasons.

Barricades offer numerous ways of keeping a safe work environment. They can provide safer alternative paths for pedestrians and workers, as well as be more mobile than concrete barriers, easier to install and remove. Our barricades also meet the MUTCD 2009 Edition Standards. They are designed to mitigate risks, improve visibility and improve the wellbeing of everyone in the surrounding area.

AWP Safety also offers ADA compliant barricades for crowd control, including ADA walls, ramps and railings.

Types of Barricades

  • Portable Barrier – Water filled
  • Barricade – Type 1
  • Barricade – Type 2
  • Barricade – Type 3
  • ADA Barricade – Crowd Control Barricade
  • Portable Barrier Steel


  • ADA Safety Rail
  • Bike Barricade
  • ADA Hand Rail
  • Crowd Control Barrier
  • ADA Walls & Ramps


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Trailered Arrow Board

Trailered Arrow Boards are advanced warning traffic control devices intended to direct traffic safely. They are portable and easy to deploy.Trailered Arrow Boards are towed by a truck and can be locked and stationed where needed.

Ideal for guiding, the arrow boards can be used to navigate vehicles through work zones or congested areas, or be leveraged to give warning of lane closures.


  • Day-time solar charge in travel position
  • Removable Tongue
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • 14 Inch Tires
  • MUTCD Compliant
  • LED Long Life Lamps
  • Solid State Electronics
  • 15 & 25 Light Models
  • 30 Day No Sun Autonomy


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Truck Mounted Arrow Board
Truck-Mounted Arrow Board

Portable and easy to deploy, Truck-Mounted Arrow Boards can be displayed for directional guidance in work zones or congested areas to direct traffic safely.

Truck-Mounted Arrow Boards are advance warning traffic control devices. They are easy to deploy and place in any direction on the truck. They are made ideally to be displayed for directional guidance to direct traffic in work zones or congested areas.


  • LED lights
  • Welded steel frame


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Portable Traffic Signal
Portable Traffic Signals

Portable Traffic Signals are easily portable and designed to be used as a temporary traffic control signal for construction or intersection road work.

Portable Traffic Signals are towed by trucks. They offer a variety of short-term and long-term traffic control to effectively manage traffic control projects. They can be used in case of an emergency, or one-lane work zones; as well as for bridge repairs or special events (whether hourly or day long).

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icone electronic traffic cone
iCone Traffic Monitoring

The iCone Traffic Monitoring Device can be used to gather traffic data and develop a good model of traffic speeds and densities based on time of day and day of week. The device can provide data after being placed around a proposed work zone for just a short time.

iCone devices are powered by a solar panel and contain speed detectors as well as communication equipment that can share data collected. An iCone Traffic Monitoring Device is portable and easy to set up, so it allows for rapid collection of traffic data without investing in permanent infrastructure. iCone also provides a more prompt alert response of work zone accidents.

Learn more about iCone from our Distributor.

*Available Only in Texas

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Robust Intelligent Transportation Systems
Wanco Robust Intelligent Transportation Systems

Wanco Robust Intelligent Transportation Systems offer safe, time-efficient and financially friendly solutions for transportation and traffic management.

Through technological applications and other sources, Wanco Robust Intelligent Transportation Systems communicate to drivers through real-time messaging in order to keep them safe and cautious while approaching hazardous work zones.

*Available Only in Texas

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QLynx Traffic Technology

QLynx is the world’s first mistake-free Portable Intelligent Transportation System.

QLynx’s intelligent network of sensors and portable message boards automatically detect and disseminate real-time traffic information for end of queue warning, travel time and speed ahead display.

*Available Only in Texas


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