AFAD, Automated Flagger Assistance Devices
Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFADs)

AWP Safety automated flagger assistance devices are smart, safe, and efficient. Our automated flagger assistance devices, also known as AFADs, improve work zone safety and help you complete projects on schedule. 

AFADs are automated machines with an 8-foot gate arm and stop and caution lights to support workzone traffic control. They are controlled by our certified and trained flaggers via roadside tablet. 

Research actually shows that motorists are more responsive to automated flagger assistance devices. Missouri DOT found that vehicles approached 4.2 mph slower and stopped 11.4 ft. further back when work zones utilized Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFADs).* The study also discovered 78% of drivers prefer automated flagger assistance devices over human flaggers. 

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*Source: Evaluation of Automated Flagger Devices, MoDOT, 2017  


Benefits of Automated Flagger Assistance Devices
  • Promote Safety  – Smart Technology allows one Protector to safely control multiple AFADs, out of harm’s way; Customer crews are safer thanks to better compliance from motorists; and, if a vehicle does breach the workzone, an alarm immediately alerts everyone to get out of the way.
  • Improve Traffic FlowOnboard Google/Waze technology diverts 25% of traffic around the workzone entirely; supporting manageable traffic flows and reducing the odds of accidents.
  • Stay on Schedule – By relying on fewer AWP Protectors to cover each workzone, the efficiencies translate to greater service availability, despite today’s labor challenges.
  • Cost Effective – Leveraging AFADs can drive down your project costs over the long term by finishing work on or ahead of schedule (reducing overtime costs), and by reducing the chance of costly accidents.
  • Reduce Liability – Built-in cameras take video surveillance that can be used in the event of an accident. It shows what really happened, protecting you, your contractors, and AWP from potential lawsuits.


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barrier guard
BarrierGuard 800 – Steel

The BarrierGuard 800 is a successfully, according to MASH, NCHRP-350, EN 1317, tested barrier that combines various performance-levels into one basic product. The BarrierGuard 800 was tested MASH TL-3, TL-3 MDS, N2, T3, H1 and H2 and fulfils these international demands. The durability of the BG800 ensures that in the event of a typical vehicle collision, the damage to both is significantly reduced, with minimal debris, resulting in little or no requirement for repair. This ensures the ongoing safety of the workforce while allowing maximum lane usage on the busy road network. With its versatile design the BG800 allows for angle plates and angle sections to be used for tight radii.

Made by Laura Metaal

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Skinny Drum

Delineators alert drivers when there are hazardous road conditions, on and off ramps and other unexpected road changes that cause a concern for safety.

Delineators are useful for safely guiding traffic through confusing construction or hazardous road conditions. Delineators are tall and skinny traffic control devices. They convey a nonverbal message instructing the public to avoid whatever should be prevented.

Types of DelineatorS

  • Delineator
  • Curb Delineator


  • Delineator post
  • Delineator post with base
  • Delineator cones
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speed bump
Speed Bump

Speed Bumps are made specifically to slow drivers down in specific areas. They are intended to be traffic calming devices that use vertical deflection to slow motor-vehicle traffic in order to improve safety conditions

Speed Bumps are made to reinforce stop signs in parking lots, improve pedestrian safety and reduce the risk of accidents in driveways, parking lots, private residential streets. They are also made for public roads such as schools, hospitals and shopping centers.

Types of Speed Bumps

  • Speed Bump
  • Speed Cushion
  • Speed Hump
  • Speed Table


  • Rubber Speed Bump
  • Concrete Speed Bump
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Sign Post
Sign Posts

Sign posts are attachable to any sign, with different sizes and styles to be installed along roadways or walkways.

Sign posts can be attached to sign of choice that fits the size and structure. They are movable, permanent or flexible to display your outdoor signs around the grounds of your business, office park, campus, facility, in parking lots and open road areas. A signpost properly displays signs and helps show the way or explain policies.

Types of Sign Posts

  • 2# U-Channel
  • 3# U-Channel
  • Round
  • Square Tube
  • Decorative


  • Round steel tubing
  • U-Channel plastic
  • U-Channel steel
  • Aluminum U-Shaped channel
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construction and safety signs
Construction & Safety Signs

Construction & Safety signs are usually placed where most common hazards in work areas occur.

Construction & Safety Signs are used as a precautionary measure in high rate incident areas like work zones and construction. They communicate safety symbols to prevent potential hazards and keep workers and the public safe. Construction Safety Signs are designed to meet OSHA requirements and ANSI Z535 standards. Identify safety hazards to keep workers and the general public safe from injury.

Types of Construction & Safety Signs

  • Road Work Ahead
  • Flagger
  • Lane Ends Merge Left / Merge Right
  • Be Prepared to Stop
  • One Lane Road Ahead
  • End Road Work
  • Left / Right Lane Closed Ahead
  • Transition Symbol Sign


  • Rigid Signs
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warning signs
Warning Signs

Warning signs provide instant communication with motorists of upcoming dangers, hazards or construction to look out for. They appear when hazards may not be apparent to a driver.

A warning sign is a message alerting motorist of upcoming dangers, construction or hazards to be careful of. Warning signs generally have a symbol or black phrases to let you know what to look out for.

Types of Warning Signs

  • Turn and Curve
  • Schools
  • Intersections
  • Lane Ends Merge Left / Merge Right
  • Object Markers
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    Guide Sign
    Guide Signs

    Guide Signs are used for directional information regarding exits, mileage and major destinations. They appear on streets, roadways, highways, and freeways.

    Provide directional and mileage information to specific destinations. Including how many miles left to reach the next few exits, road names, major cities or a major destination. They show exit numbers and main roadways they connect to.

    Types of Guide Signs

    • Street Names
    • Direction and Distance
    • Destinations
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        regulatory signs
        Regulatory Signs

        Regulatory signs indicate or enforce traffic laws, regulations or requirements and can apply at any indicated time. They can be placed on neighborhood streets or on highways to provide information about the road rules.

        Regulatory Signs are used to indicate or reinforce traffic laws, regulations or requirements. They may be placed on streets or highways, that apply to specific times.

        Types of Regulatory Signs

        • Stop
        • Yield
        • Speed Limits
        • Keep Left
        • Keep Right
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            portable traffic signs
            Portable Traffic Signs

            Portable Traffic Signs are offered with a universal latch type bracket available with steel or aluminum legs. Made with durable materials, these signs can withstand damage from road work jobs.

            Portable Traffic Signs allow you to set up a temporary sign anywhere. The set up and take down is simple and takes a few minutes, making it more efficient to move around.


            • Roll Up
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