Shur-Curb Traffic Calming Devices

The Shur-Curb® traffic separator channelizes traffic and can be directly attached to the road by utilizing the supplied anchors. The round post is able to withstand impacts omni-directionally and is designed to withstand multiple impacts; providing a long lasting, extremely durable product, that requires little field maintenance.

The Shur-Curb® is also designed with exterior strengthening ribs. Therefore, the underneath of the curb is not hollow, which eliminates broken curbs on your roads. The curb on the device has ramped ends which eliminates the need for separate end pieces and allows for maximum hold down efficiency.

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AFAD, Automated Flagger Assistance Devices
Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFADs)

AWP Safety automated flagger assistance devices are smart, safe, and efficient. Our automated flagger assistance devices, also known as AFADs, improve work zone safety and help you complete projects on schedule. 

AFADs are automated machines with an 8-foot gate arm and stop and caution lights to support workzone traffic control. They are controlled by our certified and trained flaggers via roadside tablet. 

Research actually shows that motorists are more responsive to automated flagger assistance devices. Missouri DOT found that vehicles approached 4.2 mph slower and stopped 11.4 ft. further back when work zones utilized Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFADs).* The study also discovered 78% of drivers prefer automated flagger assistance devices over human flaggers. 

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*Source: Evaluation of Automated Flagger Devices, MoDOT, 2017  


Benefits of Automated Flagger Assistance Devices
  • Promote Safety  – Smart Technology allows one Protector to safely control multiple AFADs, out of harm’s way; Customer crews are safer thanks to better compliance from motorists; and, if a vehicle does breach the workzone, an alarm immediately alerts everyone to get out of the way.
  • Improve Traffic FlowOnboard Google/Waze technology diverts 25% of traffic around the workzone entirely; supporting manageable traffic flows and reducing the odds of accidents.
  • Stay on Schedule – By relying on fewer AWP Protectors to cover each workzone, the efficiencies translate to greater service availability, despite today’s labor challenges.
  • Cost Effective – Leveraging AFADs can drive down your project costs over the long term by finishing work on or ahead of schedule (reducing overtime costs), and by reducing the chance of costly accidents.
  • Reduce Liability – Built-in cameras take video surveillance that can be used in the event of an accident. It shows what really happened, protecting you, your contractors, and AWP from potential lawsuits.


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