Temporary Traffic Control Design

Expert Designed Temporary Traffic Control Plans (TTCPs)

Allow AWP Safety’s Design team to produce your Temporary Traffic Control Plans (TTCPs), guaranteed to meet or exceed even the most stringent agencies’ requirements, while advocating for your company’s best interest. AWP Safety can help support your MOT project’s success.


Transportation Management Plans

When the safe and timely completion of a project will create a significant impact to the traveling public, a Transportation Management Plan (TMP) may be required. AWP Safety’s Design team develops TMPs that address the MOT, public communication, transportation operations, and incident management strategies for projects of this nature.


TTC Plan Design & Drafting

AWP Safety’s Design team designs and drafts Temporary Traffic Control Plans (TTCPs) that meet or exceed even the most stringent agencies’ requirements, while advocating for the client’s best interests. AWP Safety provides safe, professional, compliant, and on-time work zone design and installation that ensure the safety of work crews and the traveling public, while optimizing traffic flow. TTCPs are developed for the following applications:

  • Typical/Reference
  • Site-Specific
  • Permitting


Traffic Studies

Traffic studies by AWP Safety’s team of qualified professionals are used to justify projects that may otherwise be restricted by government agencies or by the project’s initial traffic management plan. AWP Safety can produce accurate traffic data, conduct detailed analyses, and provide easy to understand reports, meeting or exceeding the requirements set forth by any agency. These studies include:

  • Traffic Volume Studies
  • Spot Speed Studies
  • Traffic Control Effectiveness Studies


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