AWP Safety Is Your Partner for Safe Traffic Control.

The entire AWP Safety Team supports a collective goal of agreeing to think, practice and support safety, everyday in everything we do. AWP Safety develops and maintains an aggressive safety program, and our team assumes personal responsibility for creating a safe workplace and providing safe, compliant, professional traffic services.

The concept of safety is not just about the operations of our teams, but those we protect. We partner with our customers to help them work more safely too.

To ensure everyone onsite is prepared for each job, every day, AWP Safety crews are responsible for upholding AWP Safety’s Safety Program.


AWP Safety: Taking Safety to the Next Level


Driving Safety Rules
Cardinal Traffic Control Safety Rules

Mission: Eliminate fatalities, injuries and at-risk behaviors

  • Hazard assessment
  • Visual / audible traffic control PPE
  • Qualified traffic observer


Good Catch Program
Near Miss – Good Catch Program

Mission: Promote open reporting and measure would-be accidents

  • Nearly 49,969 entries for 2021
  • Safety front-and-center at all times
  • Encourages reporting with no fear of punishment


GPS Driving Safety Program
GPS Driving Safety Program

Mission: Sustain best-in-class driving safety performance

  • AWP Safety meets/exceeds benchmark score of 90 (insurers use 70 as safe score)
  • Use Azuga GPS to measure and improve driver safety
  • GPS technology has driven down accidents 85%


Employee Safety Leadership Program
Employee Safety Leadership Program

Mission: Build team safety skills and invest in our safety culture

  • Team member-led committees provide training, mentoring and leadership development
  • Safety Bonus Program awards Protectors for remaining accident and injury free



The full AWP Safety Program document is also available for you to download.