Since 2015 AWP has been working with multiple contractors in North Carolina and Georgia on a major telecommunications project that involves both aerial and underground communications fiber installations. The scope of this project will reach major metropolitan areas in several states throughout the southeast, and is expected to be completed within about five to seven years.

Daily, AWP deploys about fifty two-person crews to protect the teams working in Raleigh, Charlotte, and Atlanta as they install the new infrastructure. As this project covers several jurisdictions, and affects various roadways and traffic conditions, AWP adapts the services and equipment we provide to whatever each work site requires. In some areas we provide a standard temporary traffic control package with a two-person crew. In other, higher traffic areas, or work sites that have a greater impact on the roads, we send as many crews as it takes to get the job done, fully equipped with programmable message boards, arrow boards, barricades, and crash trucks with truck-mounted attenuators, in addition to the standard temporary traffic control package.

Our team has developed an excellent relationship with the various contractors working on this project, and we plan to continue working with them throughout the next several years as this project expands into other areas.

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