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Weekend Safety Services: Traffic Control When You Need It

Traffic Control Projects, November 12, 2019

We often highlight our work on special projects, like managing Super Bowl traffic, helping first responders travel through and around storm restoration work areas, and creating traffic control plans for highway construction in expanding corridors. Just as important, however, are those “everyday” events that occur year ‘round, in large and small towns throughout the country.

Did You Know? AWP Flaggers Work Weekends

In every state that we serve, every weekend, our Protectors are on duty to manage traffic on special projects, to and from church services, and high school football games. When a tree falls on a power line or a water main breaks, we’re there too – protecting the utility workers who make the repairs, no matter what day of the week, or what time of day, they need us.



Church Traffic Control

In most towns, driving to church on Sunday signals a welcome break from the busyness of the rest of the week. But in our work, we know that even short familiar routes can present difficult traffic control situations.

While the members of a large church congregation may anticipate slowdowns before and after services, others in the community can be frustrated by traffic disruption during those times, especially during high-volume events.

AWP’s Protectors know that safety never takes a day off, and that’s why many of them proudly make themselves available to work on weekends – including for assignments managing Sunday church traffic.

Our Protectors are professionals, on the job 7 days a week.

School Sports & Events Safety Services

Got a big rivalry? Football games and other events can draw an enthusiastic crowd of fans…and they’re all in a hurry to get to the game on time! The excitement that carries the crowd to those Friday night lights (and graduations, and other events) can turn to frustration when traffic and resulting delays are not well managed.

Detailed planning is critical to managing weekend event traffic safely.

To ensure that traffic flows as smoothly as possible for big games and other high-traffic school events, you need a traffic control plan and professional flaggers who reliably manage drivers to and from your school to avoid traffic delays and dangerous situations so nothing overshadows the rivalry and revelry that goes along with so many school events.

Utility Contractors Work Weekends, too!

When an electrical line goes down or a water main breaks, utility contractors are called and their workers respond. Quite often, they’re required to make repairs in the middle of weekend traffic. And many cities and other municipalities schedule routine maintenance on weekends just to avoid re-routing traffic for weekday commuters.

We work alongside those contractors, whether they’re working on scheduled or emergency utility repairs.

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What’s the Difference Between Our Flaggers and Other Services?

At AWP, our teams and each of our employees are committed to safety, reliability, and professionalism.

In the field of traffic management, nationwide, our Protectors stand out not only because they are reliable and dedicated, but also because they are the most highly trained traffic control and temporary traffic management employees in the industry.

Also important: they are employees, not day laborers. They take pride in ensuring the safety of their work zones, whether it’s an Interstate highway project or handling high school football traffic.

At AWP, we know safety doesn’t take a day off. Contact us about your weekend traffic control needs.

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Protecting your fans, families, and community

For more than 25 years, AWP has focused exclusively on traffic safety services. Because safety doesn’t take a day off, we work weekends, too. If your church, school, or other organization needs traffic control services for events (large or small), contact us.

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