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Sandy Springs, GA: Sign Management

Traffic Control Projects, January 3, 2023
The City of Sandy Springs Relies on AWP for Ongoing Sign Installation, Maintenance & Management

In addition to supporting planned sign maintenance, AWP also helps the City of Sandy Springs with sign repairs and issues. Sandy Springs residents utilize the app “SeeClickFix” to report directly to the City Public Works Department any signs they see that have fallen or need to be repaired. AWP is integrated into this process as a partner of Sandy Springs, processing the information received and dispatching AWP crews to fix the issues reported. 



Sandy Springs did not have internal sign maintenance crews or an internal sign shop to handle the city’s signage demands. The city needed support to efficiently manage and complete sign installation and maintenance requests, handle emergencies, and maintain signage inventory at the city maintenance facility. 



In place of having its own internal signage crew and sign shop, AWP supports the city of Sandy Springs’ signage needs. AWP provides one full-time installation crew and a quality-driven supervisor committed to signage support for the city. This includes regularly scheduled maintenance and managing and handling resident requests that come directly to the City through the “SeeClickFix” app.  The team is also responsible for non-contract work such as custom signage and emergency requests.



AWP has maintained Sandy Springs’ sign assets with no interruptions for 36 months. AWP’s rapid response times from our crews support a positive image of Sandy Springs and its reputation. As a result of AWP’s quality work and customer service, the city has also leveraged AWP for flagging crews, speed hump installations, and event services – all helping to support positive experiences for the Sandy Springs community.


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