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Safety First-SFC Recognized as North American Industry Leader

In the News, December 20, 2022

Safety First-SFC, an AWP company, was featured in the December issue of Business In Focus, highlighting Safety First’s position as a North American industry leader for safety and traffic control services. Business In Focus is a leading publication that features top North American firms across various industries, and highlights national leaders in their respective fields. 

In the article, Safety First is not only recognized as the largest full-service traffic control company operating in Atlantic Canada, but also the longest running, operating for almost 30 years (Safety First will celebrate its 30th Anniversary in 2023). The company’s success is highlighted by the publication due to the company’s strong business growth, customer-first mindset, and business-savvy leadership. Business In Focus sat down with General Manager Jason Hiltz to discuss the success of Safety First, and the team’s approach as a safety-focused company. 

“Being the largest and the longest-running company is again proof of the state of the practices we provide in putting safety first and putting the customer first. When a storm such as (hurricane) Fiona hits, you can count on Safety First to have the largest workforce to satisfy the recovery effort, whether we’re moving crews from Newfoundland to New Brunswick or New Brunswick to Nova Scotia. That workforce is impactful.”

The majority of Safety First’s business supports ongoing traffic control and emergency services; however, the company has also diversified to help support other safety needs for its customers, including – safety equipment manufacturing to sell equipment necessary for traffic control in the field, industry safety course training, and specific services for local municipalities such as parking enforcement and city landfill support. 

As an AWP Company,  Safety First supports an ongoing commitment to providing safety across Atlantic Canada. Learn more about Safety First by reading the full Business In Focus article here



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