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Safe & Effective Designing: AWP’s Engineering Team Keeps Projects on Track

Traffic Control Projects, February 16, 2022

In simple terms, engineers are problem-solvers: designing, inventing, and maintaining much of the world we live in. In the world of temporary traffic control, problem-solving is two-fold. AWP’s engineers focus on finding both the most effective and the safest way to reroute traffic for clients’ road work projects.

A Decade of Designing

Troy Garver joined the AWP team as a CAD Tech 10 years ago when the engineering department was first created and only averaged 25 plans a month. Now, the team of 7 focuses on drawing tens of thousands of pages of Management of Traffic (MOT) plans for customers each year, solidifying AWP as a one-stop shop for temporary traffic control solutions. 

“The department has grown and improved so much in the past decade,” Garver says. “We’ve built a system that helps our clients get the most value of their MOT plans while keeping up with our high standards of safety.”

AWP requires each engineer on the team to complete the ATSSA Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS) Certification Program, which ensures they incorporate the industry’s safety standards into every set of plans. 

“It not only keeps our clients safe, but it helps us understand how the teams in the field think and operate, making it easier for crews to follow the plans,” says Garver.

In addition to the requirements for safety, the team boasts DOT certifications in every state within AWP’s footprint, ensuring plans are compliant when customers apply for state permits. They also have a handful of larger engineering firms on retainer to help secure the “stamps of approval” that many of the more complex MOT plans require before being permitted. 

The team operates well together with a strong work ethic and has a good sense of humor. One of the early “homes” for the engineers was an old barn in Kent, OH that they jokingly named “Chicken Manor.” Five moves later, the team finally found a permanent spot in the new Home Office in Canton, Ohio. 

“We’ve been busier than ever and continue to offer our customers the best solutions for their projects,” Garver says. “We aren’t planning to slow down any time soon.”

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