Rumble Strips on Road

AWP Ready to Handle New Demand for Rumble Strips


Crashes caused by drowsiness or distraction have been on the rise leading more and more states to address the issue and find the solution. Many states are now making it mandatory to use Portable Temporary  Rumble Strips (PTRS). In the beginning of 2019, Virginia changed their regulations from “may” to “shall” regarding the use of PTRS for short-term projects. However, AWP has been working with PTRS for years and underwent extensive training to deliver expert PTRS service. So, don’t worry – we have you covered.

Currently, AWP carries RoadQuake 2F rumble strips. These PTRS are designed to provide drivers with significant audible and tactile warnings. Motorists who drive across these strips are more attentive to their surroundings, and it makes them more aware of traffic changes, warning signs, and workers. In addition to alarming road users, the noise of a vehicle crossing PTRS warns our customers and protectors of approaching vehicles. Overall, the warnings PTRS provides to both road users and workers tremendously reduce collisions and fatal accidents in work zones.

Having a strong commitment to safety, AWP has been working on these devices since 2012. If customers need to use PTRS, AWP does it all – deliver, place, and pick up. We have worked closely with the manufacturer to design and use CRIB, a cargo carrier, which enables quick, efficient installations to lower labor costs. We are well equipped to handle the need for PTRS, for we have internal training classes, safe handling procedures, and tested methods for installation and removal that is unrivaled. Not only do we have procedures and class training, we have participated in numerous programs that give us experience using these devices for public and private customers. With safety teams that are specially trained to professionally install and manage PTRS, AWP is more than prepared to provide the nation’s leading road crew protection to all our customers.

Contact your traffic control expert, today. We have you covered.

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