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Traffic Control Projects, January 3, 2023
AWP Secures First Outsourced Sign Installation & Maintenance Contract in Orange County History

Orange County is located in central Florida with a population of 1.374 million people. Ongoing signage needs are handled by AWP as a contracted partner of Orange County. 



Orange County signage demands were consistently in need of support. The county did not have enough crews or resources available to keep up with signage needs for both installation and maintenance orders. The lack of resources to perform this work was a problem. 



AWP provided a consistent, well-trained crew to take care of the county’s signage needs. Also, as the workload grew, AWP offered the ability to support Orange County with additional crews. 



Over a span of 17 months, AWP completed over 50 projects with 2,100 new signs in Orange County. In May of 2022, an additional crew was added to the support team, and an ongoing contract with the Orange County Municipality was established. The flexibility of having additional crews when needed provides consistent signage work streams for all of Orange County. 

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