National Work Zone Awareness Week 2023

AWP VP of Safety Shares Expertise throughout National Work Zone Awareness Week

In the News, April 21, 2023

Roads and Bridges Magazine recently featured a series of informational articles dedicated to National Work Zone Awareness Week. The articles were contributed by AWP Safety’s VP of Safety, Mark Ludwig. The purpose of National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) is to drive awareness of dangers in and near work zones, with the hopes of saving lives. NWZAW began 24 years ago, and is recognized in each US State at the start of construction season in April. 

As a leading traffic control partner, AWP Safety annually recognizes and fully supports National Work Zone Awareness week. In observance, we recognize our own team members as well as those across the industries we serve, and actively support NWZAW efforts. At AWP Safety, the NWZAW message is rooted in what we practice and actively support each and every day of the year – safety training and activities that drive workzone safety. National Work Zone Awareness Week is an important time for all of us as drivers, workers, and community members, to focus on workzone safety.

As a contributing author, Roads & Bridges magazine features several of Mark’s articles, including:

  • Why We Observe – gives background on the importance of National Work Zone Awareness Week 
  • Safety Takes Training – emphasizes the importance of work zone safety training and how it helps to establish a firm groundwork for highway worker safety.
  • Traffic Control Technologies – provides examples of some of the latest traffic control technologies to help accommodate the safe construction of roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. 
  • Possible Solutions – shares how companies can help improve safety in the workzone. 
  • Call in the Pros highlights the benefits of hiring a professional traffic control services partner.


You can find more inspiring content featuring our VP of Safety in the “In the News” category of our Newsroom.


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