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Meet the Wonder Women of AWP

Team AWP, March 8, 2019

One of the best DC comic movies, in my humble opinion, is Wonder Woman (2017). The first time I watched the movie, I was in awe. I know there have been women superheroes portrayed in movies like Rogue, Black Widow, and Cat Woman (I was never sure if she classified as a superhero or a villain). However, there was something about Wonder Woman that made me want to channel my inner woman strength, fight evil, and conquer the world. The action scenes were on point, and who wouldn’t get excited every time they heard the iconic warrior drum beats and “na, na, naaaaaaaaa……na!” But, after seeing some extra reels, I was so impressed regarding the director, Patty Jenkins’ strategy behind picking Amazonian characters. She chose to showcase strong, confident women who were real-life farmers, wrestlers, and Olympic athletes. From the movie plot to the choice of actresses, this movie was no doubt an ode to women across the globe, recognizing that women have extraordinary ability to be strong, rise to the occasion, and refuse to constrain oneself to a “man’s world.”


Much like recent breakthroughs in pop culture and on the movie screen, National Women in Construction Week is a real life campaign to bring recognition to women who contribute to success in the construction industry. Women are viable members to the industry. This week gives a chance to bring appreciation and visibility to opportunities women can pursue in the industry.

In the spirit of national Women in Construction Week, we want to join the celebration to highlight women who contribute to the success of AWP. We have many women on our team, and we appreciate their investment and hard work. AWP knows that the women on are team are vital to the success of AWP. There have been many times where these women have seized the moment and saved the day, whether it’s solving problems, stopping dangerous situations from causing accidents, or supporting other Protectors to give their best and remain safe.

We want you to meet a few wonder women of AWP who help bring success to AWP and are making a difference in the construction industry.

Virginia “Jenny” Smith

Jenny SmithFacility Manager, Virginia “Jenny” Smith, has been working with AWP for 3 years and 8 months. As a manager, she constantly engages her Protectors. She strives to be the field daily, performing safety inspections and connecting with her team. She enforces safety as her team’s top priority as she helps set up compliant work zones. Additionally, she attends pre-construction meetings with clients to handle any issues that arise in the field. Jenny is dedicated to her work and is an asset to our AWP team!

Tritne Jorgenson

Tritne JorgensonTritne began working with AWP on September 28th, 2015. Currently, she works in operations in our Waco facility. In her position, she validates AWP jobs and times all across our Texas footprint. Tritne keeps our Protectors on time and ready for any job, aiding AWP to deliver a best-in-class experience for our customers. We are thankful to have her on our team, and we appreciate all she does!


Jeanne Anderson

Jeanne AndersonMarch 12th will mark 6 years that Jeanne Anderson has been working with AWP. Today, she works as a Field Trainer in Northeast Ohio. Daily, she prepares new hires with the highest level of safety training, so they can be deployed as best-in-class Protectors. When Jeanne is not training, she heads to the field to make inspections for AWP work zones. She ensures work zones are compliant, and she offers support to Protectors to make sure they have necessities to be successful and safe. We are thankful to have Jeanne on our team, and we appreciate all of her contributions to AWP and the industry as a whole.

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