Kyle Mullen

Meet Kyle Mullen

Team AWP, July 28, 2021
His Road To success at AWP

“I love working outside and working with people. I am a volunteer firefighter and like working with the public,“ says Kyle Mullen, Lead Protector, A-Team. “I also enjoy learning, and no two days at AWP are ever the same.”

Kyle was a welder for 5 years but didn’t like being inside. He started looking for a job outside. He worked as a janitor at Walmart, then found AWP. Over his 10-year career with AWP, he started as a Protector, and then was promoted to a Project Manager. After 4 years, it was determined that his location was too small for that role, and he went back out into the field as a Protector.


Being Part of the A-Team

“I was approached by a regional manager asking me to join the A-Team,” explains Kyle. Now Kyle is a Lead Protector on the A-Team, an elite group of Protectors consisting of the most experienced and tenured team members. “I love it because it’s traveling and staying in a hotel. You’re on your own and not under direct management supervision.”

Kyle enjoyed a recent A-Team Opportunity with our client Asplundh. The client was hesitant to hire AWP, but offering the “A-Team Advantage” helped AWP win the work. A-Team members travel to new regions, showcasing safety and traffic control knowledge to new customers. This team represents the “Best of the Best” and assists with educating new customers about AWP capabilities when there may not be an established facility set up in their location. “I was committed to helping this customer and convincing them that AWP was the right choice for the job. I set up three work zones at once and put in an extended work week of 70 hours just to complete that job,” explained Kyle. “We were able to improve the relationship and by the end of the project, Asplundh was happy, IDOT was happy, and they have requested me, specifically, on several other jobs.”

The A-Team provides Protectors with the opportunity to grow, to lead, inspire excellence, and elevate others to excel within AWP.

“The Protector job is all about problem solving … keep clients happy,” says Kyle. “And I am happy when clients ask for me to work for them exclusively. They don’t feel that they have to watch their backs because they know I am watching their backs. That’s trust.”

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