Fred Fury

Meet Fred Fury

Team AWP, July 27, 2021
His Road to Success at AWP

“My team is my family,” says Fred Fury, a Facility Manager called “Dad” or “Uncle Fred” by his team.  “We talk a lot outside of work about work and family. My door is always open to talk. Communication is a big thing.” 


Building a Career

Today Fred is responsible for two sites and 48 people, but he didn’t begin his 7-year career at AWP in management. Fred did construction most of his life and had his own business doing roofing and siding. He was referred to AWP by a good friend to pick up winter work. He enjoyed being a Protector. He was able to partner with a family member and says it was nice to work with someone he trusted in the work zone. He was promoted to Project Manager in Cleveland, then promoted to Assistant Manager and Facility Manager. When he started out, he never dreamed that one day he would be managing facilities. In fact, when approached about the Facility Manager position, it took Fred a week to decide; but he had built good relationships with people, liked being outdoors and decided to stay at AWP in management.

“I had good leaders and they trained me once I got into this facility, which had some issues to work through. I wanted to change the culture and get to know our Protectors outside of work. Along the way I have had a lot of managers help me.”  He describes his management style as down to earth, caring, listening, and always there when his people need something. He acknowledges that management is different in all the facilities across AWP.  


Treating Your Team Like Family

Fred notes that recruiting new hires has been difficult recently. However, for his current team, Fred likes to reward team members with gift cards and relational events like Christmas parties and “Truck or Treating” where team members decorate their work trucks and families come for trick or treating. 

Fred says that working in all kinds of weather has always been an issue in team member retention and says he would support a payroll deduction or a matching program for team members to be equipped with the proper apparel. Until that time, Fred has started stockpiling coats, bibs, handwarmers, wool socks, and ski masks, so that he has some in supply for people who need them at his facilities. 

“I love my job and my team; the people keep me here,” said Fred. “I am confident in the team I have around me. We’ve changed the culture here for the better and that makes me proud.”



AWP’s HERO referral program is a great way to help the company hire good talent and help yourself by earning a bonus for each Protector that successfully completes two consecutive weeks at AWP. There is no limit to the number of job referrals you can make, or the number of bonuses you can collect. If you have friends, family members or neighbors who are looking for employment, just submit a form to your Facility Manager. It’s a win/win for everyone. 

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