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Director of Enterprise Fleet Advises on Maximizing Fleet Efficiency

In the News, August 23, 2023

Work Truck Magazine recently featured an article authored by AWP Safety’s Director of Enterprise Fleet, Bob Adamsky. The publication is recognized as the fleet industry’s number one resource for vocational truck fleets. In the article, Adamsky shares his expertise on maximizing fleet efficiency through preventative maintenance strategies.

Under Adamsky’s leadership, AWP Safety has been able to cut its out-of-service rates in half over the past year. If fleets utilize the right approach to preventive maintenance, driver training, and fleet management technology, they too can see improvement in their fleet operations. In addition, AWP Safety establishes national contracts with a variety of partners across the country to further streamline its service process for employees, helping to ensure timely and thorough maintenance is always completed by trusted technicians. 

Within the article, Bob Adamsky explains the importance of taking the time to prevent repairs, and the positive impact these strategies have on fleet operations. The article outlines key best practices for fleet preventative maintenance:


  • Avoid Emergency Repairs by developing a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan, training and empowering your drivers, leveraging fleet technologies to improve your fleet performance, and partnering with established, trusted mechanics.


  • Find  Full-Service Preventative Maintenance Providers. Establishing national contracts with a variety of trusted partners across the country provides your fleet the advantage of consistent quality and oversight. Contracts typically help to establish standardized maintenance protocols and expectations across locations to ensure your needs are met.


  • Establish Service Benchmarks to ensure regular service intervals and optimal functioning of your fleets. Technicians can identify minor issues before they escalate into major repairs. Also, by planning out service benchmarks your fleet managers can strategically schedule service needs in order to minimize disruptions and optimize operations.


Read Bob Adamsky’s full article here, and learn more about how best to maximize fleet operations.


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