AWP Safety Billing Team ATSSA Certified

AWP Safety Billing Team Elevates the Customer Experience

Team AWP, April 13, 2023

Our teams are always looking at how to best service our customers. The AWP Safety Billing Team recently underwent ATTSA (American Traffic Safety Service Association) Traffic Control Design Specialist training to help them better understand traffic control design plans and how to create them. With this education under their belt, our billing team is now able to elevate our customer experience by more quickly being able to estimate traffic control plan projects, and even support our engineering team with completion of frequently requested basic traffic control plans. 

After a two-day course, the team learned the basics of traffic plan design, federal regulations on how to draw traffic control plans, and what the development of plans for our customers entails. Learning the details of federal standards and how to apply them is important in order to provide customers with effective MOT plans that meet all requirements. 


Christi Schwiger participated in the ATTSA certification and said “The two-day course ended with us taking a 90-minute exam that we each had to score an 80% or higher to pass. I’m happy to say that we all scored either a 90% or 92%!”


With this knowledge, our Billing team will not only be able to more quickly service our customers, but will also help relieve our Engineering team’s workflow by having the ability to knowledgeably assist in creating basic traffic control plans. This allows our Engineering team the ability to focus on more complex traffic control designs. 

Congratulations to our billing team members who were certified through ATSSA as Traffic Control Design Specialists! 

  • Courtney Sabolek
  • Christi Schwiger
  • Britany Cayton
  • Kelley Bowyer
  • Emily McGuire
  • Sam Talbot


Our billing team is now not only experts in their financial field, but also experts in the necessary basics of effective traffic control plans. This is a great achievement and will help AWP Safety continue to provide our customers with an elevated level of customer service. 


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