Technology & Innovations, March 21, 2016

AWP is now utilizing RoadQuake 2™ and 2F™, Portable Temporary Rumble Strips (PTRS), designed and manufactured by PSS, Inc. to help reduce the number of accidents in and around work zones and save lives. The PTRS alert drivers to upcoming work zones through sound and vibration, while allowing the driver of any vehicle (including motorcycles) to maintain complete control of their vehicle.

The use of PTRS has been proven to reduce the risk of vehicle crashes and intrusions in work zones by as much as 25%. While most work zone safety devices rely on drivers’ visual engagement to warn them of upcoming work zones, PTRS engage even distracted drivers by causing palpable and audible vibrations throughout the vehicle, stimulating the driver’s senses of touch and sound. The PTRS cover an entire lane of traffic, and replicate sounds and vibrations equal to or greater than those generated by permanent, milled or ground-in rumble strips. They conform to the road and stay in place without using adhesive or fasteners, and are easily installed and removed, making them a vital and inexpensive safety countermeasure for short-term (one-day or less) work zone traffic control.

AWP is proud to offer this innovative traffic safety product to maximize our ability to protect our clients and the motoring public. Be sure to inquire about the use of PTRS when requesting work zone traffic control service from AWP. Request a quote or call 1-800-343-2650. Stay tuned as AWP continues to work with PSS, Inc. on the development of additional safety products!

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