AWP Helps Install New Signs with Old History

Traffic Control Projects, November 12, 2017

Photo Credits: The Williams County Sun and Dmitriy Borovykh

Area Wide Protective is helping make Georgetown, Texas come alive! The City of Georgetown recently decided to update their street signs in the downtown historic areas. It branched out from what was previously used in an effort to show the life of their historical town. The designs of these new signs pay tribute to the rich history of Georgetown. They were inspired by storefronts in the downtown area, and designed by local Georgetown artist, Nick Ramos.

AWP’s team of Protectors assisted in removing the old blue street signs and installing the newly designed, historically inspired signs.

AWP is proud to be a part of this exciting update for Georgetown residents. Our Texas team worked hard to safely and efficiently put up 554 signs. These signs aim to unify the community and help promote the history of the town. We are proud to be a trusted partner in this endeavor. Our extensive experience in the traffic industry allows us to better serve our customers every day. We are always willing to help when it comes to keeping roads updated and safe.

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