ABR AGC Award Nominated Project

AWP Safety Supports Partner With Award-Worthy Traffic Control – 2 Years in A Row!

AWP’s New Mexico team has supported TLC Plumbing & Utility, and its subsidiary company, in award-winning projects the last two years (TLC in 2023, and Spear D Construction in 2024).


About the Projects

In 2023, AWP served as TLC’s traffic control partner in a complex traffic control project in the historic Nob Hill district of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The teams worked together for over 9 months, facilitating a complete sewer and water line rehabilitation. The project spanned multiple streets at one time, requiring set ups of both double and single lane closures, typically in all directions. Onsite, the job required constant communication and coordination.

Due to the location, multiple set-ups and tear-downs were needed, requiring an efficient team for execution. Overall, the team worked across 9 city streets. Our road crews managed multiple one-way road closures that opened up to traffic splits, while also ensuring local homeowner access. All of this was managed without incident.

Marc Matlack, project manager, shared pride in the collective team’s work, explaining,

“This project was a total team effort! From planning and complex Traffic Control Design, to our flaggers running numerous flagging operations in residential areas during pipe work and excavations, to dispatch keeping track of all the various locations, we handled it –  all while staying attentive to our partner’s needs.”

In 2024, AWP Safety supported Spear D Construction, a TLC company, with a project near Los Alamos National Labs in Los Alamos, New Mexico. 

Over a 5 month period, Spear D Construction installed new water lines throughout residential Los Alamos neighborhoods while also providing new sidewalks, curbs and gutters, drive pads, ADA ramps, and new asphalt paving.

This complex project required the AWP team to support traffic control daily, including daily moving and resetting of road closures, traffic splits and lane closures. During the project, the AWP team also helped supply and orchestrate the set up of various equipment including over 100 vertical panels; a dozen Type III Barricades; and various arrow boards, signs and stands. The team heavily relied on their extraordinary communication and collaboration.


A Job Well Done

These construction projects have improved roadways and infrastructure for the New Mexico communities they served. Both were nominated for the Best Buildings Award by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), New Mexico chapter. Our AWP New Mexico teams were included in the nominations as supporting partners, providing exceptional work and communication in support of TLC and Spear D’s success. 

To accept this year’s award, both Spear D Construction and AWP Safety teams will be attending the AGC Awards Ceremony on May 17, 2024.

“TLC Plumbing has always been one of our top customers,and we hold a great relationship with all of their team, “ says Marc. 

Congratulations to Spear D Construction, a TLC Company, and our very own New Mexico team on successfully completing another impressive and impactful project!  

AGC New Mexico Award 2024


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