We are pleased to inform you that FlagPros Traffic Maintenance and Area Wide Protective (AWP) have chosen to join forces. In August 2017, AWP acquired FlagPros. Our families are now working together as one traffic maintenance services team to protect your people, protect your business, and protect your time.

AWP has been serving utilities, municipalities, special events, and contractor companies since 1993. More than 60 locations provide daily operations that span over 20 states. Widely recognized as America’s Traffic Control leader, AWP’s mission is to make roads safer. To achieve this, we offer comprehensive, one-stop traffic control, with the highest standards in the industry, and provide around the clock traffic services, 365 days a year.

As one fully integrated traffic control company team, you can expect the same excellent customer service, professionalism, and quality protection from AWP you’ve experienced with FlagPros prior to the acquisition. Some additional advantages of this merger include increased service offerings, expanded geographic coverage, and enhanced overall traffic control capabilities for FlagPros and AWP customers alike.

We look forward to building on existing relationships and continuing our work with you and growing together. Thank you for your loyal partnership and the opportunity to continue to service you.