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Comprehensive Safety Solutions: AWP Engineering Services

When customers think of traffic control services, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely flagging followed by traffic control signage and equipment. Engineering services, for most part, is rarely top-of-mind. However, work zone engineering is a crucial component of providing a safe and compliant work zone for crews and the motoring public.

Providing Value Through Time and Cost Savings

AWP understands that providing safe, compliant traffic control means offering comprehensive traffic control and safety solutions which includes work zone engineering services. AWP’s high-quality work zone design and engineering services bring tremendous value to our customers, including protecting their business and time.

AWP generates the highest quality TTCPs in the industry. All plans developed for our customers are up-to-date to maintain compliance. Additionally, plans are clearly designed, so non-engineers can easily comprehend them. AWP engineering plans are straight forward, compliant, and efficient. In addition to designing premium TTCP’s, AWP’s engineers work hard to manage customer expectations and experience from initial interaction throughout the entire process. Dan DeBellis, Director of Engineering stated:

We put our best foot forward, and we do the job right the first time. From the first point of contact, we maintain a quick turnaround time typically quoting our customers within 1-2 weeks of their request depending on the complexity of the project. For those who need quicker turnaround times, we offer expedited services. Once we move to designing the plan, we handle everything from there.

Offering Safe and Compliant SOLUTIONS

To protect our customers’ time, AWP communicates directly with all local authorities on our customers’ behalf to ensure that they are receiving safe and compliant solutions. AWP engineers are well acquainted with local requirements and regulations. Because of our expertise in regulations and engineering, the time it takes to get approvals is greatly decreased which benefits our customers’ project timelines.

Using AWP engineering services is truly a time saver. There are some instances few and far between where timelines for completion might be longer than others. But, rest assured that whether a short or long process is anticipated, AWP’s engineers maintain transparent communication. This way, our customers remain in the know, and their expectations are met consistently.

AWP’s engineering services is one of the many comprehensive safety solutions that makes AWP truly a one-stop shop. Contact us today to speak with a representative about your upcoming project needs.

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